Our company has been active with the Dutch Governmental Educational Ministry and Professional Association. We are responsible for developing and improving educational and professional support system in the Middle East and Africa in corporation with the Dutch Government. We provide several tests and assessments to assess and guide people from different backgrounds in terms of culture, religion, age, and gender with the aim of promoting successful functioning and putting right qualified people in education and workforce. Our mission is to improve educational and career choice, promote awareness, dimensioning confusion in selection, and selection based on human personality, behavior, interest, and motivation. Our aim is to help students and professionals to check if he or she has made the right study and career choice to perform better. We provide:

  • Cognitive intelligence test
  • Personality test
  • Competency test
  • Interest test: match of subject-oriented interests.
  • Employability scan
  • Career scan
  • Educational Matching test: consists of 14 educational majors and 11 sub-majors and tasks.
  • Personal profile test
  • Educational choice assessment: measures the interest of the student in the field of educational/professional subjects and work-related activities on fields such as reliability, content validity, and predictive validity.
  • Matching assessment: Measures if a student fits the profile of the educational program.