Our company has been active since 2003 in the domain of technology. We provide software and hardware solutions and have been involved in projects in the public and private sector. We provide technology that establish government and business solutions, and services to various industries and assisting with government and business transformation into digital platforms.

We provide leading edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to business, organizations and government in order to allow efficient and effective transformation to digital platforms.

Our activities and professional services can be summarized in the following:

For years we have implemented and deployed SAP Software which is a German centralized enterprise management system for organizations exceeding 15,000 employees. We have developed, customized, and deployed SAP projects for integrated IT solutions that fits the organization’s needs. We have also provided support, outsourcing activities, training, e-business (business to business) and e-commerce (business to customer) solutions, e-government (government to government, government to business and government to customer solutions)

We design and develop portals exposing workflow-based e-services for customers, citizens and businesses with target organizations in Public Administration and Central Government, Regional and Local Government, and Private Sector.

We combine emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, open data, and big data management in order to help organizations to meet their strategy goals and benefit from the power of technology innovation. We define and propose best practice IT strategies, infrastructure and overall enterprise architecture required for organizations and enterprises to support and ensure end-to-end IT security across the organization.

We provide data center equipment, proper service and maintenance of UPS, Servers, Data Center Power and Telecom, Power Distribution, Generators, Batteries, Cooling, Risk Assessment Service, Custom Power Solutions and much more to ensure your data center keeps pace with trends in IT such as cloud-based applications and computing, the internet, and big data. We support you in optimizing your data center as equipment needs to be reliable, efficient and secure by keeping equipment running at maximum efficiency and optimal performance and providing regular maintenance to help avoid unnecessary downtime and help save time and money.

Our manufacturer partners are world leaders in providing high quality solutions that increase power availability and system uptime in missions-critical data centers and network closets. Each manufacturer partner offers genuine factory parts and service to support their equipment to protect your investment and ensure efficiency and availability.

We assist in providing IT consulting capacity for our partners and clients, staffing their project teams with highly qualified and experienced consultants who add value and ensure the robustness and success of technological deployments and development processes. We also help in outsourcing solutions and reorganization and optimization of IT departments and IT human resources to get the best results out of your teams.

We can provide educational seminars, conferences, workshops, training, and courses in any IT domain required.


We can provide educational seminars, conferences, workshops, training, and courses in any IT domain required.